7 Essential Nightclub Dancing Lessons for a Beginner

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If you have ever been to a nightclub, you know it’s all about having fun and getting people to notice your sexy moves. It doesn’t matter whether you have been blessed with a rasta boogie rhythm or really awkward coordination. The tips I am going to reveal to you now will maximize your internal rhythmic dance machine so that you can get more chances with the opposite sex.


Dress to Impress: It’s basic and simple. If you want to get notified, you MUST DRESS TO IMPRESS. If you are wearing exotic sexy club dress and have moves to go along with your sexy body, we say go for it but subtly. Don’t go all out dancing because it may turn off some people.


Wear Heels: Girls! Make sure to wear heels! Surprisingly, it is much easier to dance when you are wearing a heel. From the onlooker, whoever is dancing in heels look really sexy. Moreover, it is easier to dance on the balls of your feet. With music flowing, flat shoes don’t feel right and you must go with nice heels.


Don’t Bury Yourself Get Noticed: If you are trying to get attention, you can’t be with bunch of your jiggling friends. Extend yourself out and make yourself uncomfortable by grooving on the edges of your inner circle. If you are on your own, men are more likely to approach you and offer to buy you a drink. Another advantage is if someone is coming onto you too strong, all you have to do is to move right back into your inner circle. This will form a protective shield against weirders and protect you.


Get Up There: Look for areas that are raised or can be easily seen from the rest of the club. This will make you a celebrity like no other and also give you eagle’s eye point of view from up. If you like someone, all you have to do is to watch them carefully to see if they are with someone else and if they are not, you can start talking to him. Furthermore, if you feel more comfortable, invite him to dance with you.


Don’t Be a Cool Breeze: Don’t be too cool to enjoy the club. However, a sexy dancer with an attitude will be too intimidating for any men to get close to. Maintain your composure and keep it cute and sassy smooth. However, you don’t want to give off that I am untouchable vibe to men because this will turn them off.


Stay Away from Grandma Dance Moves: Don’t do that honky tonky dance or shopping in the market, or the grapevine move. Nightclub is all about being sexy as much as you can. Hey but if you can’t stop yourself doing these dance moves, go right ahead. It is much better to dance than stand around like a lost soul. Because at least this will get your noticed from the crowd make you stand out.


What You Put Out is What You Get Back: In the event that you realize you have the moves don’t be reluctant to truly get in to it, simply be careful that what you put out there you’re probably going to get back. In case you’re sexual move moves begin to get only that smidgen too sexual then most folks are going to believe you’re ready for anything. Rather on the off chance that you move and discharge signs of a tasteful sex alarm, at that point you’ll likely get men moving toward you with deference.

At last, if you are going to the club not to attract men but just to enjoy for the hell of it, ignore all my advice and just do what you do. Don’t need to follow any of these steps. If you dance and love what you do, that is called SEXY in itself.

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