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Fifth Degree 🇺🇸

The Best Success Stories often begin with failure..Welcome to Fifth Degree.
Fifth Degree is more than just some side hustle or T-Shirt company, it is the story of the quintessential American spirit of never giving up and holding on to your dreams with more hunger and motivation with each setback. Let me tell you about my story, my brand and my mission…
From Failure to Triumph
We tend to share only our achievements and often hide our failures, but life is not made of only success stories, after embarrassing first efforts, setback and clumsy missteps, I thought I should make the best of it again and continue with a brand I believe in, a brand I risked and lost everything for. Or so I thought, in reality the clumsy missteps and setbacks were the only way I could grow and learn, to bring back this creative brand with the spirit and maturity to outlast centuries of fashion and become an American Icon of Style. My future and this brand will be defined by my ability to continue to strive to find a way to realise my dreams and bring fashionable and beautiful designs, at a competitive pricing, while promising to maintain quality and support the American Market, really bringing fashion back to America. A country where you can venture out to start a small business in a spare room as small as a Los Angeles Studio Apartment and climb up to a successful brand I am super proud of.
What you can expect when you purchase from Fifth Degree….
Do you have a favorite T-Shirt, you know the one you love more than anything, the one you hide in case anyone got the crazy idea to toss it out without you knowing. You know the one, that super soft, nothing in the world feels better on your skin t-shirt. The one with the timeless design, that always makes you feel confident and comfortable when you put it on, the one that fits perfectly no matter how old it gets or what shape you’re in, yes that one. That feeling is the feeling we create at Fifth Degree.
We combine quality, great fitting styles together with ageless designs that will last from past to present and beyond.
We have an extensive online catalog, everything from The Original Fifth Degree leggings to new creative designs can be found in our shop.
The Fifth Degree Mission and Commitment
With each delivery of a Fifth Degree clothing, you can be sure to not only receive quality but originality. Because Typical is ordinary: and we know you are no ordinary individual we go above and beyond to create rasta designs that promote uniqueness and originality.
At Fifth Degree, the customer is the most crucial element of the creative process. We strive to be continuously inventive and inspiring, by using advanced graphic design skills and sourcing unique styles for our customer. We are committed to a brand that celebrates originality and American fashion.
The brainstorming, developing and improving is a never-ending process at Fifth Degree, we want to ensure our apparel is always the very best, and we’re hugely appreciative for the support from the Fifth Degree Community. If you’re still not convinced that a Fifth Degree t-shirt should be the next thing in your shopping bag, then head over to our online catalogue and go on treat yourself…well….