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Happy Baby Pose

Top Six Useful and Simple Yoga to Stretch Lower Back

Yoga is a form of exercise that does not need any instrument or equipment support. Anyone can perform yoga at any age, as performing various yoga moves will keep you fit, agile, and rejuvenated. Many people suffer from back pain due to many reasons. Poor sitting posture, stress, improper blood circulation in the body, and […]

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Two-footed pose

Yoga For Neck Pains – Top Asanas For Quick Pain Relief

Undoubtedly, humans are going back to the basics, where issues such as pain and inflammation are addressed naturally. These treatments are mainly designed to alleviate pain and other discomfort. In that regard, indeed, you can’t deny neck pains. Due to the sedentary position, we all have to go through neck pains. This typical neck pain […]

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janana yoga

Practicing Janana Yoga – What You Should Know

The Bhagavadgita affirms that the sacrifice of the ultimate knowledge (janana yajna) is superior to the physical sacrifices. In recent times, Janana yoga has gained massive popularity amongst people. Lots of people practice this yoga for their benefit. Janana yoga, which is also considered the yoga of knowledge, is quite popular and beneficial. In this […]

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