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Long Length Yoga Leggings

Long length yoga leggings are rare. If you’re a fitness freak or a yoga lover, then you might be familiar with extra long yoga pants, right? We know if you’re reading this article, you’re either interested in doing yoga or want to upgrade your yoga wear. Extra-long yoga pants are one of them, but if you’re not familiar with them or thinking about starting yoga? Below we’ve written a small intro on Yoga pants and how do they help your while doig workout or yoga:

What are Extra Long Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants are bit similar to leggings, but they are more stretchable and sweatproof than leggings. They are usually made up of a mixture of cotton, lycra spandex, polyester, wool, nylon, or similar light and stretchy synthetic material that makes them soft and stretchy. However, the main purpose of yoga pants is to give you the ability to do any stretching move without tearing off or exposing the body part problems as other trousers do.

In addition, their fabric is breathable, soft, comfortable, and is designed to prevent sweat stains from showing up on the fabric. However, today, extra long yoga pants are in great demand. You can call it an advanced version of simple yoga pants. Their length is usually extended to your heels (hence named extra long yoga pants). This extended length allows you to cover your heels and your whole leg till heel, and of course, they look more cool and awesome.

Interested in Extra Long Yoga Pants?

We know if you’ve read this article so far, it means you’re interested in buying these extra long yoga pants. However, one thing that you should consider, if you’re purchasing these pants for the first time, you might end up buying the wrong size pants. For your ease, we’ve dug deep into Amazon and hand-picked some of the best extra long yoga pants in this review. So let’s get into it:


Spalding Women’s Extra Long Yoga Pant

If you want to buy loose style and long length yoga pants, this product might be a good choice. Perfect for casual wear, yoga wear, and even ideal for regular workouts such as in the gym and on open ground. According to the manufacturer, the pants are made up of 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex. The high quantity of cotton makes these yoga pants incredibly soft, insulated, and breathable.

Moreover, the best thing that we like about these yoga pants is the ability to stretch. It holds the ability to stretch enough that you can easily do all the moves of any yoga design. However, one thing that you should consider in these yoga pants is their fragility. Since it is tend to be soft and comfortable, you might take extra care of them while washing them out.


Wickey Printed Extra Long Women Yoga


If a style is your top priority, you should go ahead with Witkey’s printed long yoga pants. Unlike other yoga pants, these yoga pants are not just for yoga purposes. Instead, it’s ideal for occasions when you want a stylish, beautiful yet trending aesthetic. Wilkey’s this yoga pants comes with a high-rise slim waist, so you can cover your belly while working out or doing yoga efficiently.

Unbelievably, the pants are made up of 90% polyester material, making them highly durable, highly resistant to sweat stains, and wrinkle-free. With 10% spandex in these pants, you will get extreme stretchability that makes them ideal for any yoga moves and workout.

We like this product because it is a design, and according to our research so far, it is the only yoga pants that come in different embroideries and designs. This unique design concept makes it look different from other typical black and grey yoga pants out there.


CGT Women’s Extra Long Yoga Pants

Made up of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, it’s comfortable, holds high resistance to sweat stains, is soft and highly stretchable. The pants are available in eight different colors and are entirely safe for machine wash. The product is highly comfortable and designed so that you’ll feel like a second skin when you put them on. Due to its 95% polyester in the fabric, the pants are breathable and let air pass through your legs. So that you’ll not face any issues while doing workouts or yoga.


Energy Zone Women’s Cotton Stretch Yoga Pant

The super long and comfortable yoga pants are made under the corporation of Energy Zone. These yoga pants comprise a combination of 57% cotton, 37% polyester, and 6% spandex. The fabric is processed such that it provides excellent flexibility and support to keep your leg structure uplifted. These yoga pants have an exceptional stretch and offer a  3.5” wide waistband.

They have a full 31.5” length. Energy zone yoga pants have invisible seams that give the pants a neater and classier look. They are a perfect pick for your workout, gym, or even everyday wear. These pants will leave behind a sheer sense of comfort and relaxation with the tendency to soak up all the sweat and moisture. They come in two different colors, deep blacks and charcoal heather.


Women’s High Waist Bootcut Long Length Yoga Leggings Pants Basic

These high-waisted bootcut yoga pants are an essential part of your workout. The waistband is made to reach up your abdomen to compress and flatten any excessive fats that may be falling out. It provides the ultimate stretch and flexibility, both of which are a prerequisite to hop into a gym. The fabric consists of 75% nylon and 25% spandex. Bubblelime heads these pants.

These yoga pants don’t expose the body and provide a filmed surface consisting of silky fabric. They have a secret pocket to pull in your card or keys. They are indeed a must-have in your closet for your activewear. It offers great support and comfort to your body. These bootcut pants are a perfect choice for either running, jogging, workout, or even fashion wear. In case of dissatisfaction upon your purchase, you can claim for redemption and get a full refund.


Inseam Women’s Cotton Bootcut Pants Inner Pocket

This product is owned by Houmous that has processed these bootcut pants with a fabric composition of 92% cotton and 8% spandex. These are elastic pull-on with a 29-inch long inseam. These yoga pants are specifically designed to fit in according to various heights. Slender and slim inseam is best suited to adjust to women 5’4 and under. Regular inseam fits perfectly to women between 5’4 and 5’9. The tall inseam goes with women 5’9 and above. It allows the moisture and sweat to wipe away.

Insem’s has designed this yoga patn from a non-see-through fabric, which provides full coverage. It is a stretchy yet incredibly lightweight and breathable product. It even has a secret pocket where you can stash your keys and card. The low-friction qualities of the product prevent chafing anywhere around the legs. These bootcut yoga pants allow flexible movements and are a perfect choice for jogging, walk, or gym. The high-rise waistband offers compression and ultimate fit around your waist.


High Waisted Long Length Yoga Leggings for Women – Soft Athletic Tummy Control Pants

These high-rise leggings consist of a fabric division of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. It has a 29-inch long inseam, and these pull-on leggings are available in numerous colors. The hint of spandex in the fabric composition makes it skin-friendly and comfortable. The elastic waistband offers a secure and contoured fit around the waist, leaving your curves to be highlighted. These super versatile leggings are not only restricted to fashion wear, but you can pull them on for yoga and workout, too. Despite their squishy and soft material, they serve a fantastic stretch and allow free movements. The soft fabric promotes low friction and prevents chafing or rubbing.

How to Find the Right Extra Long Length Yoga Leggings Pants?

Okay so, we’ve reviewed eight of the most popular and best hand-picked long yoga pants for you. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy all these eight, or it might be possible that you don’t find the right yoga pants for your needs in this review. So the question that appears here is how you can find ideal long yoga pants for your needs? Below we’ve written a short buying guide for you to prevent you from buying the wrong pants and waste your time and money:

Figure out your needs

The first thing that you should consider is the reason why you need it. We know most people purchase it for yoga, but not always this is the case. For the past few years, yoga pants have been designed and used for much casual wear. If you are planning for casual wear, then you might consider cotton-made pants. However, for workouts or yoga, you should go with polyester made.

Size of the Long Length Yoga Leggings Pants

The second important thing is to consider the size of your yoga pants. Since long yoga pants are usually long to the heels and usually have a wide waist on the lower side, you must consider the waist and length of your yoga pants. For a waist of 25-32, you might consider going with the “S ” size. Similarly, for waists, 32-32, “M” or “L” size might suit you, but you must check the size chart of every yoga pant before you buy.



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