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How to Do Heron Pose

⭐️ #TriYogaSchool ⭐️ This month we are building up the Splits, & the next pose in our progressions is Heron Pose or Krounchasana ? Heron Pose stretches the hamstrings & calves, stimulates the abdominal organs, improves internal hip rotation & opens the sacrum.
Heron Pose Alignment Cues: #omniyogagirltips

1. The top of the right foot is on the mat, beside the right hip
2. Roll the right calf muscle out of the way & aim to have the knee joint completely closed
3. Both thighs draw towards each other & internally rotate
4. Focus on keeping the hips square & both sitting bones connected to the mat
5. Engage the core to support the lengthening of the spine. Sit up tall, with the spine straight & the shoulder blades moving down the back
6. Align your sternum with your left leg
7. Point the toes towards the ceiling
8. Use the hands to draw your left thigh down into the hip joint
9. The drishti, or gaze, is at the toes

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