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How to do Triangle Pose

Today’s #AlignWithKalyani we discuss Triangle Pose! .
🔹Pose: Triangle Pose
🔸Sanskrit Name: Utthita Trikonasana
🔹Pose Type: Side Bend
🔸Essential Oil Pairing: Cypress
🔻Warm up: ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, wrists, neck
❗Contraindications and Cautions: .
• Recent or chronic injury to or pain in knees, hip, sacroiliac, low back, back, shoulders or neck
• Low blood pressure
• High blood pressure
• Headache or migraine
• Diarrhea
• Heart Condition

  1. Rest the bottom hand on thigh (not knee) or on a block (or two if needed)
  2. Put back of heel or back of torso against a wall for support and stability
  3. Place top hand on hip instead of extending for high blood pressure
  4. Look straight ahead for neck problems or down for high blood pressure instead of up .
    ⚫Important: • Engage thighs/quads on both legs to protect knee
    • Drive hip towards back of mat
    • Keep a straight line through spine and neck • Bend through hips not back
    • Only healthy necks should turn up or down- otherwise look forward
    🔵Focus On:
  5. Proud chest
  6. Shoulders externally rotated and away from ears
  7. Engage core
  8. Bottom arm resting on floor, thigh, calf or block
  9. Legs straight
  10. Long straight arms
  11. Press through outer heel of back foot
    🔴What you shouldn’t feel:
    Low back pain
    Hip pain
    Groin pain
    Ankle pain
    Knee pain
    Shoulder pain
    Wrist pain

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