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How to Properly Point Your Feet

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Today’s #AlignWithKalyani we discuss pointing the feet. ??? When I first started my practice, the cues from my teachers were hard to follow as I never really understood what they meant.? We have previously discussed flexing of the foot (dorsiflexion). Today we break down Pointing the toes which is another way of flexing the foot called Plantar Flexion. But there really aren’t many teachers who use that terminology.

I always thought that Ponting meant going as far as I could with every part of my foot, including my toes.? Pointing the toes doesn’t have to be as aggressive as going as far as you can. Often teachers call over pointing with the toes curled “toe death curl” ? This is an unnecessary extra step.

Although I wouldn’t necessarily say that this will cause injury, it’s a potential to over strain the area.

So now you know how to decifer between plantar flexion (pointing the toes) and dorsiflexion (flexing the feet). There is also another tutorial on flexing vs pointing vs FLOINTING (my personal favourite) ???

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