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Pregnancy Yoga – What Are All The Asanas You Can Do

If you are wondering whether it is okay to do pregnancy yoga, then you must know that prenatal Yoga will benefit a woman in every possible way. For every pregnant woman, it is essential to take care of their prenatal health. That is the time when a woman feels both mental and physical pressure.

Importance of pregnancy yoga

If you start with prenatal Yoga you will start seeing some significant changes. Here are a few benefits that a pregnant woman will experience once she starts doing Yoga.

  • During pregnancy, sleep is an important factor and Yoga promotes good sleep.
  • Due to some hormonal change, a pregnant woman encounters anxiety and stress.
  • Doing pregnancy yoga will increase muscle endurance which helps to deliver the baby.
  • During pregnancy, lower back pain is a very common thing and with the help of Yoga, you can reduce back pain, headache, and nausea.

If you opt for a pregnancy yoga class ten, you will be able to make a bond with other pregnant women. It will help you to get a healthy friendship.

Some important aspects of prenatal Yoga

If you are wondering what are different aspects of a pregnancy yoga class in terms of a Yoga routine.

Breathing- While you are talking about yoga pregnancy, you must know that breathing an important role in a Yoga routine. The exercise is pointless without a proper breathing process. The Yoga technique will help you to deal with the contraction during labor.

Postures- you need to learn yoga poses for pregnancy from a certified trainer. If someone starts doing randomly then the postures may go wrong which may cause serious injury. With the help of correct posture, one will be able to build resilience. It will help you to increase strength and flexibility. You can use some props like a cushion, belt, blanket, etc.

Stretching- Talking about pregnancy yoga poses also teaches you to do stretching in the right way. You need to learn how to stretch properly as that will help you to get rid of your back and neck pain.

Relaxation- One of the important aspects of Yoga is relaxation. And you need to relax your body and mind.

So, let’s talk about some postures that are considered the best yoga poses in pregnancy.


How to do Marjariasana (Cat Stretch Pose) - Netchanting | Blog

  • It helps to stretch your neck and shoulder that will eventually reduce the stiffness.
  • It will help you to keep your spine flexible. It is considered as one of the important Yoga exercises as it will help you to give a strong back.
  • It will help you tone the abdominal region
  • Like every other exercise, it will help to improve the blood circulation of your body which will improve the reproductive organ.


Yoga for strengthening lower back -- Konasana or angle pose |

  • It is another pregnancy yoga that helps to keep your spine flexible.
  • As the exercise involves stretches, so it will help to keep the side of the body
  • It will also help to promote strength and that will help to alleviate other symptoms of pregnancy.


Warrior I Pose - Virabhadrasana I - YOGATEKET

  • This particular pregnancy yoga improves the balance of your body which is very important in your pregnancy as the bodyweight is not equally distributed.
  • The exercise helps to tone the arms, and legs as well as the lower back.
  • Most importantly, exercise improves the overall stamina of your body.


Revolved Triangle Pose (Parivrtta Trikonasana)

  • It is a triangle pose and it helps to improve both mental and physical balance.
  • For pregnant women, it helps to deal with their gravity shift.
  • The stretching part will help to open the hips which is very helpful during delivery.
  • The best part of the exercise is that it will reduce back pain.


Butterfly Asana | Patangasana | Badhakonasana | Butterfly Pose Benefits & How to do Badhakonasana Yoga | The Art of Living India

  • While you are talking about yoga for pregnancy you need work on the hips and groin region to improve flexibility.
  • It helps to stretch thighs and hips that eventually release pain.
  • The objective of the posture is to prepare the body for smooth delivery.

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Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani Yoga: Steps, Benefits, Precautions - The Indian Med

  • To get relief from back pain, you need to opt for this pose.
  • It helps to improve the blood flow in the body, especially in the pelvic region.
  • It helps to get relief from swollen ankles which are considered a common symptom of pregnancy.



  • Another thing about Yoga during pregnancy is to relax and that is the reason Shavasana is so important.
  • It will promote self-healing and that is a vital factor of pregnancy.
  • It helps to release stress.

So, these are some of the asanas that you are going to learn at yoga classes pregnancy. They are not at all stressful to the body. You will be able to build a strong and resilient body during your pregnancy. For the women who choose the natural delivery process, they are especially asked to join Yoga classes because that will help them to improve their overall health. You can do the asanas at home after learning them properly. It will help you to stay fit and that is the reason you must be consistent with the Yoga session.

You need to look for a reliable yoga pregnancy class. You must choose a class that is conducted by trained people. It will help you to stay safe because Yoga involves many aspects which are already discussed above and that is the reason you need a trained person. A trained teacher will help to correct your breathing process and posture. Also, for a pregnant woman, it is necessary to opt for a routine that will be relaxing and comforting for health. Every person has different limitations and the routine has to be customized as per the health condition of a pregnant woman. This is the reason you need to do your research before joining a Yoga class.

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