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Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Tips to Help You Sleep Better
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Create a sleep cocoon for yourself

Now don’t start to spin silk and wrap yourself up in it when you go to sleep. If you are able to really do that, then your problems are a lot larger than simply not getting enough sleep! (Do spiders actually sleep?)

Instead what you should attempt to do is create a “cocoon” of silence and darkness to make it easier for you to fall asleep. Try using noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs to counteract a fan, air conditioner or your loud neighbours, along with a blackout curtain to prevent the street lights from making it hard for you to get to sleep.

Is your mattress up to scratch? Perhaps it is time to invest in a new argos mattress to help create an environment to help you sleep better.

You are the one who is familiar with your situation. Get it optimized so that you can sleep better.

Try taking naps 

You can try taking it to the extreme and experiment with polyphasic sleep (I tried it, it’s very difficult to get started, but sort of fun after you get into a groove) which is just naps.

What I recommend is something more like having a quick cat nap during the afternoon whenever you are feeling tired. Naps don’t work for everyone. As a matter of fact, it may make it more difficult for you to sleep all night long. 

The easiest way to discover whether or not an afternoon nap is going to work for you to help you achieve the best rest possible is to try to nap over the weekend and then see how it makes you feel afterward. Your naps should be less than 30 minutes long. That should help you avoid experiencing the confusing effects that longer naps can cause. You can always try a caffeine nap, however, that may conflict with the next tip we have for you.

Skip having caffeine in the late afternoon    

Caffeine can potentially for as long as 8 hours after you consume it, so why are you drinking coffee at 8 pm? Instead skip the caffeine and drink a glass of water and do a couple of minutes of aerobic exercise. It isn’t necessary for your don a purple leotard and start dancing around in the hall. Just walk up a couple of fights of stairs wearing your regular clothes.

Maintain a regular sleep schedule

The Mayo Clinic says to get up at the same time each morning and go to sleep at night at the same time as well. Are they serious? Life rarely enables that kind of luxury. If you are not one of those few people who are able to make arrangements in their schedule around your sleep, then do the best you can to keep your wake and sleep times within one hour in the morning and at night. For example, if you are able to go to bed between 11 pm and midnight and then wake up between 7 am and 8 am, a couple of minutes give or take each day, in the long run, will not be a problem.     

When you feel tired, go to bed directly

You know what tends to happen when you begin feeling tired and decide you are going to stay up for only a couple of minutes to answer emails: then you get your second wind and wind up watching videos on Youtube until 3 am.

Then the next day you end up paying for it. That’s enough of that! If you are within one hour of your regular bedtime and you feel tired, just go to bed and do your best to try to go to sleep. Doing anything else is just a waste of your future productivity and time. 

Use clean bedding that you like

It can be difficult to find anyone except a mattress salesperson who is passionate about mattresses. However, that doesn’t mean that your bedding isn’t important. Cleaning, which is the result of you laundering your pillowcases and sheets, really matters. Everyone loves the feel and smell of fresh, clean sheets. Also, take a close look at your pillow. If it is old and has filling that is clumping up, it may be time for you to get a brand new one. 

Don’t eat late, exercise early

Wow, two tips in one! Some people are able to exercise right before they go to bed and not have their sleep affected. If you happen to be one of those people, then good for you. However, if you aren’t, then consider doing your exercise after getting up in the morning. This is a very healthy way for you to get your day off to a good start.

Amazingly enough, exercise can work well to fight fatigue off that you feel after you sit in your office chair day after day. Put your coffee down and start to move. You may associate eating food with feeling sleepy due to the “carb coma” that you get following a large meal. Take a break from those late-night snacks and instead focus on relaxing. Maybe a glass of wine? That would be nice.

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