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Top Six Useful and Simple Yoga to Stretch Lower Back

Yoga is a form of exercise that does not need any instrument or equipment support. Anyone can perform yoga at any age, as performing various yoga moves will keep you fit, agile, and rejuvenated. Many people suffer from back pain due to many reasons. Poor sitting posture, stress, improper blood circulation in the body, and many other reasons are there. If you want yoga to stretch lower back, you can find some of them in the following section. These yoga moves will help you to get good relief from back pain problems.

A Guide to Yoga to Stretch Lower Back

  1. Cat-Cow


Today, many people have to perform desk jobs. In other words, you have to sit and work on the computer for a large portion of your day. Due to such practices, back pain often occurs. What should you do in such a scenario? If back pain occurs frequently, you should perform a few yoga moves to get a steady relief. Among those yoga moves, Cat-Cow is the best yoga for lower back pain beginners.

The best thing about this yoga is the convenience of performing the steps. With this yoga, you can improve blood circulation at the waist or lower back area. With the optimization of blood circulation, you can attain quick and long-lasting lower back pain relief. One should try the pose and hold the position for 30-60 seconds.

  1. Extended Triangle

yoga to stretch lower back

If you are searching for yoga for back pain – beginners, the extended triangle can be an ideal yoga move for you. With this yoga move, you can heal back pain, neck pain, and sciatica. Through the yoga moves, you can stretch the muscles of your groins, hips, and spine. Nevertheless, it also adds strength to your chest, shoulders, and legs. For this yoga, you need to stand, keeping a distance of four feet between the two legs. You need to stretch your arms and gradually bend towards the front foot. When you touch the foot, you have to hold the position for a few seconds. Make sure that you breathe naturally during the steps. After holding the mentioned position for a few seconds, you should return to your first position. You should repeat the moves 5-10 times.

  1. Seated Forward Fold

Seated Forward Fold

Beginners search for easy yoga moves, and Seated Forward Fold is an ideal yoga for beginners. This is excellent yoga for lower back pain and hips. You can perform yoga anytime at your convenience. However, morning and evening are the best times for practicing yoga. For this yoga, you should have a yoga mat. You need to sit on the mat first, and then you must stretch your legs. The next step is lifting the arms upward as much as you can. Now, you need to hold the position for some time while breathing normally. Beginners can easily hold their position for one minute. This simplest yoga move can bring excellent relief from lower back and shoulder pain.

  1. Reclining Pigeon

Reclining Pigeon

Reclining Pigeon is another yoga pose that you can easily perform sitting on your yoga mat. If you have been performing the poses mentioned above for 3-4 months, you should find some new poses for attaining better muscle flexibility. At first, you have to lie on your back while keeping the knees bent. Now, put the right ankle over the left ankle and hold the left shin with two hands. You need to pull the leg towards your body gently.

Beginners should try to hold the position for 30 seconds, while experienced yogis can easily hold their positions for one minute. Should I do yoga with lower back pain? If you have mild pain in your lower back, you can perform the moves mentioned above to find relief against back pain. If the pain is sharp, you should not try the yoga pose. In such a scenario, consulting a doctor and healing the back pain through orthodox medications is important.

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  1. Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby Pose

Yoga brings happiness, and Happy Baby Pose will fetch happiness through long-lasting back pain relief. If you are suffering from lower back pain, yoga poses to avoid should be well-known. However, Happy Baby Pose does not fall into that category. With mild back pain, you can perform the yoga move. It helps to alleviate blood circulation in your lower back area, and thus you can find excellent relief from chronic back pain. For the pose, you need to lie down on the yoga mat.

Now, make your body relaxed as much as possible. You need to bend the knees and lift the legs from the floor gradually. You should hold the position with lifted legs and bent knees for one minute. However, beginners may not be able to hold their positions for more than 40 minutes.

  1. Supine Twist

Supine Twist

Yoga can fetch excellent relief against chronic back pain. If you have suffered a back injury recently, you can perform some yoga poses for a faster back injury recovery. Supine Twist is the perfect yoga for back injury recovery. Lie on your back and keep the knees bent. Pull the knees towards your body and wrap them with your arms. You should hold the position for 40 to 60 seconds. Go back to the normal position and take a break for a few seconds. Now, you have to repeat the steps. The pose should be repeated 5-7 times.

Should You Perform Yoga with Existing Lower Back Pain?

If you perform yoga to stretch lower back pain and sciatica, you can minimize the chance of suffering from back pain. But, can you perform the yoga poses with prevailing lower back pain? If the back pain is due to stress and not severe, you can perform yoga without being worried. You can perform yoga for lower back strength, as mentioned above. If you have developed lower back pain due to an injury, you should consult a doctor before making yoga moves. A few simple yoga moves can help a person obtain a faster recovery from back pain in many cases.

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