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What is Yoga Hatha – A Complete Guide

People often wonder, what is yoga Hatha and search through diverse sources for an answer. Relax and be happy, because your search ends here. We have covered the important features, stages, and benefits of practicing this type of yoga session.

Definition of Hatha Yoga?

The real meaning of the word Hatha is stubborn in the Sanskrit language. Therefore,  the perfect hatha yoga definition is practicing yoga stubbornly, without being disturbed by the fluctuations of your mind, thoughts, and 5 senses.

You need to understand that hatha yoga for beginners is not just about the form of exercise practices, but there is more to it. Yoga allows you to perform asana, dhyana, Dharana, and pranayamas, to accomplish the samadhi stage. This is the divine salvation stage that makes your inner soul free of time, form, space, and illusion.

What is Yoga Hatha origin?

Raja Yoga could be considered as the origin of Hatha Yoga. This type of Raja Yoga is performed without Niyamas and Yamas respectively. Therefore, you can simply call every pranayama and pose of yoga is classified as Hatha Yoga. Interestingly the meaning is as follows -, the word Ha – means sun and This represents the moon, which has been therefore considered as yoga that purifies every soul under lunar and sun channels.


  • Pranayama – for obtaining complete control of your breathing pattern
  • Asanas – for obtaining control of your whole body
  • Mudra – for stimulation and manipulation of those energies subtle within.
  • Kriyas – helps in purifying all those internal body parts and organs.
  • Bandhas – is very important for generating energy chakras.
  • Mantras – purify your soul and body

Historical information

In the 15th-century hatha yoga history started when few frustrated yogis became frustrated while practicing the Raja Yoga, with its Niyamas and Yamas. They stubbornly started practicing and mastering other asanas without mastering those games. Therefore practicing raja Yoga without first mastering Niyamas and Yamas was called Hatha Yoga.

Swami Swatmarama who lived in this 15th century compiled these practices with six limbs, to accomplish Samadhi. He recognized the performance of Hatha Yoga without the dual hard practices and was named as six limb Yoga or ’Shatanga Yoga.

By this method, you can first master the skill to bring your body and the body’s inner organs under your control. Then later master your wavering mind, habits, and character with the controlled parts of the body.

How to do hatha yoga Six limbs?

If you are focused on finding an answer for the query what is yoga Hatha six limbs, then read further for detailed information.


Complete Guide on What is yoga Hatha

Asana, the first limb of Hatha Yoga, is the particular state when you settle your mind and body in a comfortable state. This is very essential for you to perform any other activities without any slouching or difficulties or disturbances. Try to find a position that will absolutely be comfortable and relaxed. Your position should not pressurize or erase your focus. It is also best to close your eyes and concentrate on your inner soul.


Complete Guide on What is yoga Hatha

Pranayama is the state where you control your breathing pattern. Breath or “prana” is considered crucial energy in your body and is responsible for providing life to every person.  Pranayama teaches you to control your life or the breath to accomplish the greatest health benefits. Hatha Yoga mentors you around 8 types of breathing exercises for healing your soul, mind, and body from deeper within.

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Complete Guide on What is yoga Hatha

If you think about what is yoga Hatha Pratyahara, you should know that it is a wonderful state of mind that means “withdrawal of senses”. This limb of Hatha Yoga is a vital step to be practiced before meditation.

At this stage, you will be withdrawing your senses from unwanted and unhealthy complications from external sources. It acts as a bridge between postures, breathing patterns, and your inner concentration. Acknowledge the strength of external sensory sufferings and fight those interferences with practice.



Control your senses through meditation and then travel deeper within your consciousness. According to the meaning stubbornly concentrate on a specific object or point. This can vary from chakra or body part or a dirty or it’s a statue or a picture etc.

The real purpose is to calm your mind and achieving total focus. When your mind is completely focused on a certain point, then the rest of the mind remains peaceful and quiet. There will be lesser space for chaos in your thoughts and memories.



Dhyana is a meditation state and the fifth limb of Hatha Yoga and the eighth limb in Raja Yoga. This is a form of focused meditation by concentrating on a particular thing or object.  If you are worrying about What is yoga Hatha Dhyana state posture, then you need to understand that you can sit or lie down, in a comfortable relaxed posture and close your eyes for enhanced focus. Relax incrementally your body muscles and meditate.

Release the negative energy within your body, mind, thoughts, and senses. Keep breathing to the rhythm through your mouth and nose. Focus on the Almighty or object, without holding on to any tensions or stress. One of the best hatha yoga benefits is releasing negative energy flow out of your body, mind, and soul. Keep practicing the Dhyana for five to ten minutes and more.

Breathe in the fresh air and positive energy, pause for few seconds while filling and emptying your clear lungs. Keep focusing your mind and body on the breathing pattern and eradicate any unwanted thoughts or negative energy. Achieving complete control over the mind through dhyana is a rejuvenating process.



Samadhi is the final stage of Hatha Yoga that allows your mind and body to experience the bliss of salvation and enlightenment. Accomplishing the status of Samadhi is a pinnacle of entire intellectual and spiritual activities.

Focus on the fascinating beauty of the universe absorbing the glorious blessings and rejoicing in the eternal happiness. Samadhi stage of hatha yoga helps you to attain self-realization and become one with the divine Almighty God. Good luck!

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