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Backbend Sequence

Try doing this backbend sequence with your abs and core tightened and keep in mind to do it slowly so you can move into them more easily and safely. It is very important that you do backbend sequence without hurting your core muscles or spine. Remember to really warm up your body before as it can be quite a challenging pose without warming up your core and spine.

To start, make sure you start in a tabletop position and do a couple of Cat and Cow Position to get yourself ready for the backbend pose.

Here is a great tutorial of how to do a backbend properly.

Here is another example of how to do a backbend standing up. Check it out.

Make sure to inhale and while you do, start with your soles of your feet on the mat, bring the hands towards ears and lift the hip, exhale when you come to the crown of the head. If you feel comfortable, try lifting all the way up if you can.

(Advanced version of backbend sequence with help from a friend. Please consult your physician before trying any of these poses.)

If you feel ready, you can start to walk the hands and feet but this is a very advanced position so please be careful and consult your physician before trying anything. Make sure you focus your energy on two ends, your legs and your upper body. NEVER USE YOUR LOWER BACK TO BEND EVER! In order to do this pose more easily, try strengthening your legs, and lengthen the upper body so that you have more space to bend deeper.

**Option : stay in Bridge**


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