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Yoga Face Moves for Looking Young and Maintaining Perfect Facial Shape

For staying healthy and agile, people practice various yoga moves daily. If you do not have enough time for extensive exercises, yoga is the right thing for you. There are various types of yoga moves, and you can easily find them in books, blogs, magazines, etc. But, you may not have heard about face yoga yet. So, what is a yoga face? This is a kind of facial exercise, which keeps your facial structure agile and juvenile. If you practice face yoga daily, you will be able to attain a younger facial appearance for a long time. In the following section, you will find more information in this regard.

Yoga Face for Staying Young

If you want to look young, your chin and cheeks should maintain proper shape. But, the chin becomes flat gradually, and cheeks turn fluffy. As a result, your face does not look young and impressive. For bringing back the younger look, you should practice facial yoga. There are a few face yoga moves that experts suggest for keeping your face younger. You will easily find face yoga before and after results after practicing the following moves for a few weeks.

Forehead Smoother

Yoga Face Moves for Looking Young and Maintaining Perfect Facial Shape

This yoga should be performed to maintain the right structure of the forehead. You need to follow a few simple steps for this yoga move.

  • Make fists with both hands.
  • Place the knuckles of your middle finger right at the center of your forehead. Make sure that you keep the fingers towards you.
  • Now, you need to give gentle pressure, while sliding the fists throughout the forehead.
  • Repeating the steps six times is recommended.

Natural Lip Plumper

Yoga Face Moves for Looking Young and Maintaining Perfect Facial Shape

Everyone loves to have plump-up lips on their selfies. If you want to make your lips plumper naturally, you can try Indian face yoga exercises. If you have to think lips, you should try the steps discussed below.

  • Sit down comfortably.
  • Make a tight pout and push your lips forward as much as you can.
  • Hold the position for 10 seconds and gradually go back to the normal lip position.
  • The steps should be repeated at least 5 times a day.

Double V

Yoga Face Moves for Looking Young and Maintaining Perfect Facial Shape

After the age of 35 years, drooping eyelids start appearing. In 10-12 more years, you will start seeing the wrinkle marks on the eyelids. Through cosmetic surgery, you can get rid of drooping eyelids. However, it is an expensive technique. Surgery can also be risky. You can try the following face yoga for a slim face to avoid surgery.

  • With both your hands, make victory signs (Double V).
  • Middle fingers should be placed on the inner edge of your eyebrows, while pointer fingers must be kept on the outer edge of the eyebrows.
  • Now, give gentle pressure with your fingers. Look upward, while putting pressure.
  • You should repeat the steps 8-10 times daily.

Wide Awake

Yoga Face Moves for Looking Young and Maintaining Perfect Facial Shape

For drooping eyebrows and fluffy eye bags, you can also try Wide Awake yoga face. This yoga technique is also simple. Practicing the following steps will help you to get rid of drooping eyebrows to a large extent.  People undergo expensive facelift surgery for getting rid of drooping brows. Instead of making such expenses, you can simply practice face yoga.

  • Keep your palms on the sides of your face. Make sure that the ring fingers touch the outer edges of the eyebrows.
  • Now, apply gentle pressure with your hands. At the same time, you should lift your hands up and down.
  • Make your face longer by dropping the jaw as much as possible.
  • The steps mentioned above should be repeated four times a day.

Face Yoga for Maintaining the Right Facial Shape

One can practice face yoga for maintaining the right facial shape. People invest hard-earned money in cosmetic surgeries for maintaining the facial shape. However, surgery is not recommended for everyone. Nevertheless, it involves a lot of expenses. For maintaining a juvenile facial shape for a long time, you can practice the following face yoga moves. After practicing them for a month, you can compare face yoga before and after results.


Yoga Face Moves for Looking Young and Maintaining Perfect Facial Shape

If you have saggy and thick cheeks, you should practice blowfish for a month to get a good result. You should continue the move as long as possible to keep your cheeks young. Along with the following moves, you can also try green tea to burn excessive fat from your cheeks.

  • Close your mouth and fill the cheeks with air at the maximum capacity.
  • Hold the position for 30-60 seconds.
  • Now, blow out to release the air from the mouth.
  • Steps must be repeated 3 times.


Yoga Face Moves for Looking Young and Maintaining Perfect Facial Shape

If your face is too flat, you can make it a little sharp with O-Face yoga. Along with the yoga moves, you should also try berries in your breakfast. Berries are rich sources of anti-oxidants. Hence, they will prevent you from premature aging.

  • Make an “O” shape with your lips.
  • On each side of your cheeks, you need to put pressure on your index finger.
  • Hold the lips at their position and gently lift your cheeks up and down.
  • At least 10 times, the steps should be repeated.

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Lion Pose

Yoga Face Moves for Looking Young and Maintaining Perfect Facial Shape

If you are searching for face yoga for glowing skin, Lion Pose can be the best option. For practicing yoga, you need to follow a few simple steps. Apart from brightening the face, yoga will help you to obtain a toned facial structure.

  • Open your mouth, while dropping your jaw as much as you can.
  • Pull out your tongue and stretch it to your chin. Do not put in too much effort. Keep it simple.
  • Now, breathe through your mouth and make a roaring sound like a lion.
  • The move should be repeated five times.

There are many face yoga benefits. You should practice them to obtain better facial health and shape. Many people suffer from premature aging these days, and face yoga can protect them from such problems.

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