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Yoga Tights Printed Pants Trend. Are You In?

Yoga tights printed pants are trending. It’s no wonder that yoga pants are the best companions of gym freaks. Not just for gym freaks, yoga pants are widely used for doing yoga exercises, cardio workouts and also used for casual wear. If you stumbled upon this article, there are very high chances that maybe you are looking for new yoga pants or you want to upgrade your pants.

Can You Wear Yoga Pants Outside of Yoga?

First of all, we want to clear a myth about yoga pants that they can only be worn while doing yoga.

This is actually not the case. Yoga pants are tight-fitted stretchable trousers that are ideal for yoga practices, workouts, or you can even wear casually.

From the past few months, we have noticed the trend of funny yoga pants increasing. Such yoga pants are just typical yoga pants on which a funny or amusing character or design is printed. People are following this trend. And that’s why in this article, we’ve hand-picked and reviewed some of the best and funniest printed yoga pants for you.

What are Yoga Pants?

As the name suggests, they were made for yoga. Yoga is all about stretching, and you need to do stretching exercises. For that purpose, you must wear clothing that allows you to do extreme stretches of your body without any problem. Of course, you don’t want to tear your regular trousers while doing stretching exercises.

Benefits of Wearing Yoga Tights Printed Pants

Moreover, it’s scientifically proven that wearing tight-fitted clothes while doing a workout and yoga increases your blood circulation that helps to keep your body fit and efficient while doing the exercise. That’s where yoga pants come in. Yoga pants are made with a very flexible material (spandex) that allows a person to do extreme stretches without any restrictions.

Unlike regular pants, yoga pants do not tear and stretch up to 8x from their original size.

How to Purchase the Best Funny Yoga Pants

Of course, you’re going to spend a pretty decent amount of money on your yoga pants. Although we’ve reviewed some of the best funny yoga pants for you, note that this review article is generic. We’re not forcing you to buy this product. All we can do is to suggest to you some of the best yoga pants filtered out from the competition. But, in the end, you’re the one who’ll decide which yoga pants are perfect for you. That’s why below we’ve mentioned few things to consider before buying funny yoga pants:


Fabric always plays an essential thing to consider is the fabric of your yoga pants. We recommend you go with polyester or nylon-made pants. Because they’re better at moisture-wicking and offer better durability than cotton. Furthermore, polyester and nylon fabrics provide high resistance to sweat stains, and they’re usually much softer than cotton and mix-material.

Built Quality

The built quality of the yoga pants is essential. Before buying any yoga pants, make sure that the interior of the pants offers a single layer. A double-layered yoga pants might sound good in quality, but since you’re buying for a workout, you need a pants that is wafer-thin. Because double-layered yoga pants will prevent the air-circulation in your legs, secondly, make sure that there’s a double-stitch on the butt side. It decreases the chances of getting teared off by 2x.

Make Sure the Opacity of Your Yoga Pants

Just make sure that your yoga pants are entirely opaque. You can do it in two ways. In the first method, use your smartphone’s flashlight and place it under your pants. If 20-30% of light is coming out of the pants, then it’s okay. But higher than 30% means your skin might be exposed from the pants after 2-3 weeks of use. This step is compulsory because most of the cheap manufacturers try to make the pants so thin as wafer that they forget to keep the pants opaque.

The Trend of Funny Yoga Pants Where It Began

Different trends occur on the internet every day. We can’t control them, and sometimes, people create a unique trend that no one could expect. The same thing applies to this funny yoga pants trend.

It all started when memers started making memes on yoga pants on different forums. People shared those memes, and many internet users began showing interest in those memes. Concurrently, yoga pants manufacturers started showing their interest in memes of yoga pants. They even started manufacturing yoga pants inspired by memes of yoga pants, and unbelievably, people showed a great interest in memes-inspired yoga pants.

This is how the trend of “funny yoga pants” started. We’re also contributing a small partition in this trend by reviewing some of the best funny yoga pants for you.

So let’s get into it!

Jumppmile Women’s 3D Digital Print Funny Yoga Tights Printed Pants

These yoga pants are perfect for those who are die-heart fans of DC comics. Inspired by Captain America, a famous fictional character of DC comics and Marvels, this pant is ideal for those who want to show off their love to Captain America.

At first glance, the yoga pants look extra unique, and we’re pretty sure, after wearing these pants, you’ll grab everyone’s eyes. Moreover, these pants are not just regular 2D printed trousers. Instead, the knee part comes with a 3D design that makes it super cool and unique.

Besides their design, these funny yoga pants are made with 86% cotton and 24% spandex. The spandex will give these pants the ability to be stretched up to 8x of their original size.

At the same time, the cotton material makes it incredibly durable, comfortable, and long-lasting. The yoga pants come in six different sizes; “S” to “4X-L”. The 4X-L size is specifically made for those people who have extreme and unusual obesity.


LOFBAZ Arabian Yoga Pants

Have you ever heard or seen the movie Arabian Nights? If yes, then you might understand the theme of these yoga pants. These yoga pants are inspired explicitly by Arab’s theme with a mix of Arabian Nights movies.

On a personal note, if you’re looking for a funny design for pants, this one is perfect for you. The print on the yoga pants is specifically made for those people who love Arabian culture, and according to our vision, it’s more close to 90’s animated Arabian movies.

Moreover, we looked at the color options of these pants, and amazingly the manufacturer is offering these pants in 36 different colors. Amazing, right? However, if you want a simple and classic design, these yoga pants might not be for you.

Apart from its design, you also get small side pockets to put coins or any small things. The trouser is made from 100% Rayon. The Rayon fabric is popularly known for its shininess, stretchability and provides the best comfortability.


Sister Amy Women’s Fitness Hihg Waist Yoga Tights Printed Pants Stretch Ankle Legging

So here comes the unique type of yoga pants for your needs. We all know Wolves are one of the most dangerous and most intelligent animal breeds on the Earth.

For those who’re looking for some unique and hilarious design yoga pants, this one might be good for you. First of all, the most attractive thing in this whole yoga pants is those two wolves. They look incredible and stunning.

Moreover, the background of the yoga pants is inspired by the Disney Frozen movie series. If you ever watched those series, then you can relate them to with it. On the other hand, the quality and material of the pants are just as outstanding as their design.

The manufacturer has made these yoga pants with 80% polyester and 20% cotton, making them super-premium in terms of build quality. The polyester material makes it super soft, highly resistant to stains, and long-lasting.  Due to the nature of polyester, these yoga pants will not expose the sweat stain so that you can do extreme workouts easily!


QZU Women’s Classic Yoga Tights Printed Pant

QZU is already known for making premium yet affordable sports clothing. Their most favorite type of clothing, such as sports bras, women’s boxer underwear, yoga pants, and leggings, are the most top-rated and top-selling products on Amazon.

The same scenario applies to these QZU yoga pants. With a blend of utility and style that made this product almost synonymous with the term flagship, no other brand can offer you such quality in this pricing. We’re doing a review of funny yoga pants.

We know this one isn’t that funny, but it still looks pretty humorous. Of course, from a flagship brand such as QZU, you can expect an ideal and perfect design on every product. According to our belief, QZU has designed these yoga pants specifically for food lovers.

That’s the reason why they’re even offering the size of 4X-L (XXXXL). If we talk about the print of these pants more precisely, the designers have printed the illustrations of food or junk foods to be precise. The background of these pants is pure black, which makes them more generic for everyday use.

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